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Optimus 5 Social helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Optimus 5 Network Solutions LLC is a Full Source Internet Media Developer and Marketing Agency. Optimus 5 has a search engine, free email, advertising platform, social media platform, coupon marketing platform, applications development platform to name a few.

Optimus 5 offers many services from advertising to hosting and domain purchase. Joining the Optimus 5 Network affords users many rights that are lost when using many free platforms like Blogger (Owned by Google), Youtube(Owned by Google) , Instagram ( Owned By Facebook), Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Optimus 5 respects your right of ownership to the content you provide; be it pictures or your general profile as well as the posts you create organically ( meaning anything you write originally that is not a quote from a referring source. we even allow full ownership of the original videos you upload. What does content ownership do for you? It earns you money! Optimus 5 Pays up to 15% percent of all advertising revenue we generate from your content and more in many situations.

The Optimus 5 Network is a tool that anyone can use.

Optimus 5 Network Solutions goal is to eliminate the hardships created by the big name internet firms like Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo.

Common issues using the above named sources:

excessive panda updates
no rights to content ownership
hard to use tools
lack of user privacy
invasive cookies ( super cookies)
virus prone free websites
traffic jacking
and millions of other issues

Contact Information:

Optimus 5 Network Solutions LLC

Corporate Office:

73 Fairway Circle

Medford Oregon 97504



Other Optimus 5 Sites: ( oficial homepage) (advertising network) (search engine) (search engine site submitter) ( coupon and savings network) ( article seo and press release services)
http;// (tv network and video advertising network) ( video seo program) (full service seo department) ( point of intrest marker)

Optimus 5 Network Solutions LLC Co-sites

Optimus 5 Network Solutions LLC Develops for:
Google Play
Apple IOS platforms
Android Platforms
and many more.